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Affiliate Disclosure

Full disclosure, boys and girls: from time to time you’ll notice that I like to recommend products and services from my friends and colleagues around the interwebz. Well, I often make commission on sales from these links, sometimes as much as 75%. And it’s income from here that allows me to operate this awesome site and provide the ridiculous information that I do for free and without those silly ads all over the place.

Please know that I will only recommend an outside product or service if it is something I believe in and feel 100% comfortable promoting. So when it comes from me in an email or post, get pumped, because it means it has the full Pete Cataldo stamp of approval for being battle-tested and ready to go.

I will never recommend anything that I haven’t personally viewed, read, or listened to. If the product is a physical product I will never recommend it unless I have personally tried it out myself.

Thank you for checking out and hanging out with me here at I’m excited to have you on board and look forward to helping you achieve REAL results to the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

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